Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sorting your stash

So today I want to "talk" a little about sorting your stash. I know there are some people that don't need to do this because all of their yarn can be fitted into a smaller box. This is, however, not the case for me, and I know there are probably more then me that fit into this category.

There are a number of ways to categorize you'r stash.

  • Color 
  • Weight (cobweb, lace, fingering, DK and so on)
  • Material (Acrylic, wool, mix, cotton and so on)
  • Size/project (Sweater sized lots, for scarfs)
The list could probably go on. Why don't you leave a comment how you do, that is always interesting to hear. 
I have started to sort my yarns in weight and color so that I can easily access the weight and color I would like. In an earlier post I talked about putting up my stash into Ravelry and I still think it's a good idea, I have noticed that you can use a list function for your stash and there you can choose to sort on weight, length, grams, skeins or even name. That way your stash on Ravelry gets more manageable and gives you a better view of what you have. After checking on that you can choose to go to the pattern search function and start to view diffrent projects you can make of your stash. 


  1. I use pretty paper bags to store my projects in, one per project. In these bags I also keep the pattern, yarn and additional materials I might need for the project. This way I can always pick what project to bring on travels or to knitting cafés and be sure I'll always carry the right stuff.

    The stash yarn I keep in different places. I have one box for the yarns that really inspire me (pretty colours, great blends, etc.), and two larger ones filled with everything else that I unfortunately have to store in the basement (small apartment and all that). Sorting your stash by weight or material seems a great way not to buy unnecessary amounts yarn or clutter the apartment.

  2. My stash is organized according to fiber and weight. All the worsted cotton together, all the thread, all the worsted acrylic, etc.

    I also keep it all in medium-sized plastic bins stacked up in my storage closet. Except for the shopping bags full of active projects. And the project(s) in my commuting bag. Hmm.