Thursday, April 12, 2012

Review Addi 30 cm Sock circulars

For today's update I wanted to talk about these "sock circulars" I ordered the other day.

First of all, I love my Addi lace click set. I bring it with me on travels and I practically use them everyday. They have a good range of needles and are pointy as I like to have needles when I knit lace, cable and just about anything that that's not garter stitch or stockinette stitch. So don't think all Addi needles are crap just because of this review.

First of all, the needles are bent at the end to help the (too) short cord so the needles becomes very short to hold and I would definitely not recommend people with hand or wrist problems to use these since the shorter needles keeps you from having relaxed hands. I cramped up after just 2 rows with these and the cramp was still there after 5 minutes. I'm a young person with small hands so you would think I would be able to use these without problems but that was not the fact. The needles are light and smooth but not very pointy and I do think that it is a problem when knitting sock on a small gauge. Below are some pictures of the needles.

Note: This rewiev is of a personal nature and I have heard of people that enjoy them so if you want to try them don't feel discouraged. They are a little more expensive then ordinary run of the mill needles but not by much.

Tomorrow I will talk about the Knit pro symphony wood so please check back then. I'm also writing up a pattern/recipe for the bolero in a previous post. This will be my first pattern and I hope to be able to post it soon.  

Have a great day and if you do have other opinion/stories to tell about the Addi sock circulars please don't be shy to voice that.


  1. I haven't tried the sock circular needles, but I have a set of the lace clicks, and love them! To. Death. They're the only needles I use anymore, besides DPNs. Thanks for the review!

  2. Thanks Megan. Me too, I almost never even look at my Denise set or the few loose Knit Pro spectra interchangeable I have. The Addi lace set is the only set I have that I have never had problems with the cord coming loose.