Sunday, May 6, 2012

Missing but still here. And little project to show

I have been missing from the blog a few days/weeks. It is my intention to continue this blog but at the moment I'm at the end of writing my dissertation so that's why there has been such a long silence from me, but I'm still here and will soon continue with reviews and other things. Yesterday I bought yet another Craftsy course that I will be looking forward to review soon. 

But for now I wanted you to have a peek on "the" project that has been keeping me busy for about 2 months. I think this is the project I have been working the most on of all of my projects. It has been a challenging experience of the taxing kind. I would never have finished it if it was not for the Nerd Wars deadline. I owe a lot to the competition. But at last, here it is. THE Aeolian.