Monday, April 9, 2012

Knitting toe-up socks review

In an earlier post I talked about buying the Craftsy course "Knit original toe-up socks". I haven't really had a chance to sink my teeth into it since I'm working hard on a so called dissertation project in Nerd Wars. It's the lace shawl Aeolian in the biggest size with nupps and pearls. It's been a hard project especially since I'm only used to making sock yarn shawls and this is done in a lace weight yarn and it has to be done April 30th.

This weekend I was really sick of the Aeolian, I think that the prospect of putting on about 2200 beads is wearing me down, I think I have put on maybe half of that by now. So I got to work on my sock class instead. I love buying yarn from an Etsy seller called Sunrise Fiber Co and therefore I have a few skeins from said seller lying around the house because my time consuming project Aeolian. I've been itching for a project to use her lovely yarns on so I kind of felt this was my chance.

For my first toe-up socks I decided to use SunriseFiberCo's UFO colorway in Fingering 80% BFL and 20% Bamboo. The yarn is really soft and smooth and I enjoy knitting with it. The socks will feel amazing in this yarn. I've finished the toe and of course I chose to make the hardest one in the course, the wedge toe, since I thought it would fit the most with the stripes the colorway makes. And this is the result.

The course is made to help you design your own socks, choosing from different patterns and toes. It helps if you have some experience making toe-up socks when taking the course but I don't think it's a must. I have only made 1 sock toe-up before and knitted one pair of cuff down so I'm not that versed in sock knitting but I do have experience with different cast on's, stitches, lace patterns and both circular and DPN knitting so I don't think it's suitable for an absolute beginner. For the beginner there is another course to take on Craftsy called "Knit sock workshop". I've decided to make a ribbing on top of the foot, because the bamboo in the yarn makes it a little less stretchy then pure wool and socks have to be made to fit snugly around the foot. I think the colorway will be excellent in only ribbed stitch and that a complicated lace pattern would become somewhat lost in the colorway.

The course will show you 3 different toes with both 2 circulars and DPN's, there is also a section of how to do 2 at the same time but I have not yet had the time to look at those videos. All and all I enjoy the course and I do not regret buying it, I would even recommend it.

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