Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Nerd fiber at it's best

Last month the Phat fiber box theme was Blinded by science. (I got a Big Bang Theory sample!) During the preview of the box I really fell in love with HeavenlyFibers Nebula batts, I just knew I had to have one. I'm a new spinner, I don't even have a spinning wheel yet but a knitter/spinner know that sometimes you got to act fast if you want something. Especially if you like hanging out on Etsy with the indie dyers, things run out quickly. Like Bohoknitterchics Big Bang Theory Sheldon batts. Whoosh! (She still has some of the Big Bang batts left. The Walowitz batt looks amazing)

Anyway, LeiLani at Heavenly fiber is awesome. She did not know I was a phattie fan and still gave me a coupon code for being into Star Trek and was really nice and accommodating. Without her help I would probably not have the thought about the coupon. I got the fiber after about 4 days with international shipping so it was more like an early surprise gift. The batts are really soft and smooth, there will be some time before I spin with them but they seem really fluffy and will probably be dreamy to spin with. I will save them for when I have been practicing on my upcoming wheel. You can really see that LeiLani have captured a nebula to the letter. I'll definitely will be shopping there again.

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