Sunday, April 22, 2012

Begone stash!

So these few days I've been writing about stash. After rediscovering some "lost stash" I have concluded that I have approximately 380 kilometers of yarn... Now, probably most of you reading this have a lot of yarn stashed/hidden away somewhere in the house.

I have heard stories from people that they even smuggle yarn into the house so their spouse/companion don't see the naughty shopping they did. I've for one have at least tried doing it, without success I may add.
I couldn't  keep a secret even if my life depended on it, a few hours granted but no longer then that. I hate receiving ordered gifts to members of my family more then a few days before the occasion because I'm afraid I won't be able to keep the secret that long.

Now my BF are rather supportive about my yarn habit/addiction. He has never had any objections nor concerns about my growing stash so to be honest I have never had any reasons to hide it from him. But sometimes you come home with a completely unnecessary yarn purchase only based on the "they had a SALE" argument. Which to be honest, quickly can become old. In my family there is something magic about sales, "but what if they are selling something i really NEED for HALF the price". As I grow closer to 30 then 20 I have had a larger success avoiding sales with the argument that it will probably be only rubbish there. Most of us have probably fallen into the same trap with yarn sales. I still have trouble ignoring yarn sales, except for the old Drops summer and winter sales that feature the same old yarns every year.

If you believe that you need to lower your stash and purchases I think it's a good idea sorting your existing stash, photograph it and putting it up on Ravelry. It's so much easier to actually KNOW that you don't need that yarn and that you in fact already have the perfect yarn.

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