Monday, April 16, 2012

Easiest way of organizing stash on Ravelry

This weekend I tried to get some order to my stash. I have been thinking of "cold sheeping" aka not to buy anymore yarn for at least a while. Don't worry, I have a lot of yarns from other indie dyers on Etsy that I'm planning to give a review on. I have also a quite large amount of books that I'm planning to review and some different kind of interchangeable sets and so on. 

Back to this weekend. I have been slowly photographing my stash to be able to upload it to Ravelry but after a while I came to the conclusion that my system was taking a lot of time so I changed it up a little. Instead of adding yarn with a picture at the same time I just simply wrote down everything I had brand, name, skeins and color. Then I sat down and added the information into Ravelry and the next few days I will photograph the yarn separately to put the right picture with the right post to know what I have. This way I will not have to go and dive in the stash every time I'm looking for something new to start. 

Ravelry also has a feature that can download your stash to an excel file and there you can add to see how many yards/meters you have. Don't ask your boyfriend or husband to help you with this unless he is VERY supportive of you'r yarn habit. If you don't have a large stash he might come over the chock faster. I however DO have a fairly big stash. It's total is up to almost 23 miles/36 km, that's not as excessive as some people. I have heard about people having triple the stash I have and sometimes more. 

In this yardage I have not added my mini skeins or my UFO's I also have some mystery yarn that is not in this equation, luckily I did remember some of my mystery yarns and my detective skills helped me a lot. One yarn all I could remember was that it had an owl on the label and that it was probably from Norway. Thank God for Ravelry as I could find it with this limited information. 

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