Saturday, April 14, 2012

Having stash and keeping order

This January/February I came to the conclusion I have too much yarn. Now, I know that there are a lot of people having larger stash then me and that they don't have a problem with that. And frankly, good for them. Now I, on the other hand, live in a rather small apartment with a man and a cat. There is some limit to my storage which can't expand indefinitely.

For now, I'm storing my yarn in zip lock bags that are placed in large plastic bins. Now I have come to the point where there are no more storage bins to put the yarn in and my roughly 75 zip lock bags are out. I do not want to buy more plastic bins nor zip lock bags since I feel that this would require a bigger investment which I quite honest rather would  put on yarn.

What's the solution? Shopping of course! I decided to buy the book "Stashbuster knits" by Melissa Leapman. link

I was expecting a little more of the "valuable step-by-step guidance on organizing and shopping your stash to inspire creative new knitting ideas and color combinations"  that was promised but I do enjoy the book which has some good tips.

So now I'm on my way of photographing and putting my stash up on Ravelry to know what I have. It's hard work and time consuming but I do enjoy it. Just don't try to do this in one evening if you have a lot of yarn.

Have a great weekend!

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