Saturday, March 31, 2012

New yarn shop opening in my block!

This week was the grand opening of a new yarn shop. It's located right next to the supermarket where I do all my daily shopping, and is at walking distance from my home. Yesterday I went to show my support and since it's a combined home decoration and yarn shop I looked a little at the decoration style. Sadly it's not all of my style, kind of shabby chic, country house but I did manage to find one bowl.

Along with my yarn addiction I also love breakfast bowls so here is a picture of the nice tings I found.The yarns are: Debbie Bliss Andes and Manos lace.

All and all it's a nice shop, it's a little confusing because they mixed up some of the yarns with the decoration and the bulk of the yarn is in two different places at the store. But it's a little homey and the owners are nice and friendly. Both of them are rather young too which is refreshing because they probably don't think you only know how to knit a scarf because you look a little young. I often have to prove myself at a new yarn store before they believe I can do more then a knit stitch.

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  1. I'm glad it's good, looking forward to seeing it! Also, I love the bowl.