Thursday, March 29, 2012

A knit for Teyla

A few weeks ago I ordered a lovely skein worsted weight yarn from knitsinclass. Knitsinclass is an eco friendly Etsy dyer who has really nice yarns and colors. The colorway I bought is called Grape Crush and I was completely baffled on what to make of it. Lately I have a feeling that most of the things I make is sock yarn shawls and handwarmers and since spring is creeping up on us I wanted to make something that did not have to wait for fall to be used. As I have joined both Nerd War and Starfleet Fiber Arts Corps on Ravelry I also wanted to make something that fit in to a challenge too so it was not an easy task. Since the yardage on worsted weight is rather... scarce. It was a challenge trying to find anything that was not either a shawl or handwarmer.

So instead I decided to design something myself...This is the first time I tried improvising a knit but I think I succeeded very nicely. First of all, since I knew there was only about 225 yards of the colorway I knew it had to be something quite smallish so I went for a top down bolero. Partly because its easily modified and because I'm somewhat familiar with top down designs. After a while the idea of adding black edges formed as I thought it would give the design a more classic look  These edges, except for the lower ribbing, was all picked up and knit after casting off.

This is the end result, I'm quite happy with it and since I'm almost always cold it's perfect for the inn between period of winter and spring. If there is interest I can make a "recipe" but I don't think anyone will be having trouble "designing" it them self.

I know the button looks a little wonky but sewing on buttons is my Achilles heel so play nice about it ;)

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