Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Long lost lover, err... yarn.

Yesterday I got my long awaited yarn package from Canada. It's been travelling for about a month or so I thought. Turns out it been sitting at my post office since the 11th of March but the package delivery slip had been either lost or never sent. It kind of makes me mad especially since the customs decided to add tax plus that the postal service takes about an extra $15 for the "delivery". It's amazing they even get to call themself the postal "service" anymore. Me and the seller from Etsy senses a conspiracy. The only packages that goes missing are the ones that contains yarn. My theory is that the postal "service" is a secret guild of knitters hoarding all the yarns to take it for a test drive before delivering it... Yes, that's my theory and I'm sticking too it.

Anyway, the package was amazing! I ordered from three little crows and she is wonderful. Not only is my yarn one of the most beautiful I own she also went to the trouble making a beautiful card with wishes and thanks AND included a hand sewn project bag with a penny in for good luck. Which I by the way really needed. Everything was separately packaged inside the package and there was a lot of squee going on during the opening of everything. The stitch markers was sent togheter with the yarn on the first picture as a yarn kit. It was a limited colorway named chocolate dipped cherries with four chocolate dipped cherrie stitch markers, clever don't you think? The yarn is really soft and smooth and would be perfect for something next to the skin.

The best of everything? I took pictures. Enjoy!

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